Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Covert Shadows

I am a strong believer in supporting and celebrate those people who support and celebrate me. To that end, I am always willing to get behind another artist, writer, or consultant who needs me to help promote their visions. 

Savannah Todd is one of those people. As a personal friend, I know her as a strong-willed, decisive, practical woman who is easily moved by beauty, but also never forgets a slight. As a writer, I find her work to be very cleanly written, action-filled, and fun. 

Check out her first book, Covert Shadows, and get to know the sexiness and danger between its covers. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Dear Reader

I like to write short stories but I'll never have the patience, determination, or focus to make a living out of it unless someone decides to transform one of my creations into a Syfy Channel movie or summer blockbuster. I'm ok with that, though. A long time ago I accepted the fact that I'm more of a reader than I am a writer. I have about a dozen partially written short stories and novels on my laptop right now and, when the inspiration strikes, I like to play with them, do some editing, add a few more pages, and see where the story takes me. 

The Lovers War & Other Stories is the culmination of this stuttering, uncertain process of half-coherent musing and spurting inspiration. The stories span a period of about 5 years but some of them are rewrites from things I wrote in college, and those college pieces were often inspired by ideas I had come up with in high school. I've lost a lot of stories over the years, also. One was saved on an old word processor that my girlfriend trashed when we broke up just after graduating college; it was titled "Salvation" and featured a female heroine named Jhaesra Vorak who was on a quest to save her family from a Blood Curse that would transform all of them into powerful vampires. I gave another one to my father while he was dying in the hospital and never saw it again; I called it "A Ride in the Country" and it was about a boy who lost his father only to have him return years later as the boundaries between life and death were crumbling.

I'm going to write those stories again because I need to Jhaesra Vorak to save her family and I need that boy and his dead father to take a ride in the country. 

Right now, though, and today, I want to share some other stories with you.

Writing is a very personal thing for me and its one of the few ways that I get to explore my own vulnerability. When you write, you put something of yourself, some bloody, raw, wounded part of you, into the words and images; its a way to castigate the shadow, to purge the blood of its poison, and to confess your sins, all without having to endure real pain and shame. The stories collected here cover a span of almost 15 years in my life and were inspired by a number of different events, both wonderful and tragic: my mother dying from cancer, my first love, becoming a teenage father, the end of my first marriage, the joy of my second marriage, my lack of self-control, my search for the meaning of God. Itall in there somewhere, which may explain why my eyes tear every time I read the end of "The Lovers War" or why I love the transformation taking place in "Caretta" so dearly. In fact, as I wrote that last sentence, the one you just read, I realized that in some way all of the stories here are about family--all the pain, sadness, strife, passion, love, and sacrifice that goes into creating them, how they Begin, how they End, and what happens between those two poles.

I hope you enjoy what you find inside and I appreciate the time you are taking to read my work. Maybe you'll find some of your own stories inside of mine.

lux et umbra